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Organic Honey

Organic honey-production conforms to a long list of rules established by the Agricultural Directorate, and the Debio-logo stamped on our jars represents the actual organ of control that verifies officially recognized practice and products.

Debio godkjentThe Debio-logo is the consumer’s guarantee of a certified organic product.

Isn’t all Norwegian honey natural and unadultered? Yes! Norwegian honey is in fact a ‘pure’ product, thanks in large part to the fact that Norwegian bee-keepers have agreed not to use pesticides in their work with bees. Traces of pesticide in honey is a big problem for bee-keepers in most countries outside Norway.

Va¯r honning.jpgThere are important additional rules that Debio-recognized bee-farms must conform to.

  • Documentation with regards to the placement of our hives. We have to provide written confirmation that our hives are placed well beyond the range of sprayed forest-areas or for example along power-lines. 
  • Raspberries, to take another example, are an important source for summer honey. Our hives may in no way sit near commercial raspberries that are sprayed. In the Municipality of Eidsvoll we’re lucky, as many farmers farm organically and we’ve extensive forests full of wild raspberries.
  • Regulations limiting what substances may be used in our smoker.
  • We produce docile bees that don’t require the use of smoke.
  • Further important regulations concern the Treatment of bees as unique living creatures and Feeding. As honey-production takes from bees their winter food-supply, a substitution must be provided. The sugar we give them must be Debio-certified organic.



You can buy our organic honey from us, among other places, at the Farmer’s Market

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