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Innovative Equipment

Juul has designed an innovative bee-hive lid, adaptable for both year-round use and travelling.

The bees are first covered with a combined bee escape board and a top board, with a large hole for ventilation. This hole is covered with netting. On top of this comes a hard Styrofoam cover with a ventilation-gap under the lid to counteract condensation. By flipping over the cover you get ventilation for the bees via the holes in the side of the lid.

This lid fits snugly so that hives can be tightly stacked during travelling. Our hives are stacked

4 abreast. The 10cm gap separating hives stacked for travelling secures necessary ventilation.

Ventilations is also provided by the bottom board with wire netting. The lid is rendered storm-proof with a simple rubber bungi-cord; gone is the need for piling stones on top!

The top board is a combined bee escape board. Simply remove the netting and replace it with a big plastic bee escaper.

This innovative lid will soon be under production for sale.

In the Spring we change our netting bottom boards with bottoms in Styrofoam. This ensures the first brood in spring a protected start. Meantime we have plenty of time to wash the netting bottoms well.


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