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Honey is Nature’s Gold!

Honey is what honey-bees create from the sweet nectar of living plants, transform and store in their hives. The sweet nectar of plants and flowers is attractive to bees; in bearing it forth bees are vitally important for pollination in the plant-world.

We bee-keepers add nothing to our product; we needn’t conserve honey, as our bees take care of this. We simply take excellent care of them, helping them to access the richest fields and store the best honey.


Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Honey has been proven to contain at least 180 different substances:

  • about 19% water,
  • 79% sugar (approx. 70% glucose and fructose (grape/fruit sugars) and 5% canesugar),
  • 0.2-2.0% other ingredients, 30 different minerals, 12 different vitamins, enzymes, 22 free amino acids, 19 organic acids, proteins (mostly from pollen) 8 fatty substances, about 120 substances that generate taste and scent, and in addition a number of colorants.

At www.honning.no you can read more about honey and find many wonderful recipes!







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